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A private Facebook group of Healthy Food – Happy Genes™ Lifestyle members | Author Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD
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Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD
Dr. Renée Rivard, PharmD

About the Instructor

Feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] if you have questions of a more private nature.

JOIN others on the same Healthy Food – Happy Genes™ Lifestyle journey.

You'll receive live coaching from me personally at lease twice a week in a private group setting of like-minded individuals.
(a $1,000 per month value that you get for $27/month; save 33% by paying $217 annually.)

I answer your specific questions plus:

  • Help you deconstruct your favorite recipes to create healthy alternatives
  • Bust common healthy food myths based on current science
  • Clarify confusing or misleading news and information about healthy food
  • Provide guidance on "label reading" and how to best navigate clever marketing language that you find on commercial food products (like eggs from "100% vegetarian fed" chickens)
  • ...and any other questions you have on health, food, disease and genes.

Additionally, you receive ongoing encouragement in a safe and supportive environment where you can share your successes as well as find support during those more challenging times of food temptation.

You'll also discover new creative ways to prepare gene-friendly food as members share recipes and photos.

I want to help you succeed in creating a healthier, happier life.

Join us today...feel free to cancel at any time.

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